Project Rudhir

We can’t change the scenario today but contribute for better tomorrow.

We at Casa Blanca A Boutique Resort is here with our CSR initiative Rudhir meaning Blood Plasma Blood Donation need of hour in this pandemic Crisis.

રુધિર જો વહેતું રહે નસોમાં તો હૃદય પણ ધબકતું રહે અને માનવતા પણ અખંડ રહે.

Humanity as a core element.

If you are someone who wants to help people in need, then be VOLUNTEER for Project Rudhir!

Join this WhatsApp group for plasma/blood updates and help - click here

Those who want to Donate Plasma/ Blood or even if you need it call on 7567904771(Milind Shah).

Milind Shah