Wedding / Engagement

Surrounded by lush greenery, Casablanca warmly eases out your engagement and wedding jitters, with its calm and comfortable environment. The resort has a rooftop for pre-wedding bash. We have a spectacular lawn, a pool side area followed by an opulent gazebo for all your wedding and post-wedding functions.



We offer poolside birthday and kitty parties for all age groups. Schedule your party with us and let our experts do all the work;from organization to setup and cleanup.Just sit back and enjoy the fun vibes with drinks, dance, games and music. To capture the unforgettable moments of the day, explore our various picture perfect spots along with our professional photographer.

Meeting & Conference

Casablanca is the perfect venue for your next professional meeting & conference. We have the cool and relaxed environment in which you can promote friendly communication and strengthen the bond of togetherness/unity of your firm. Encounter our customized services and elevate a meeting or conference from adequate to exquisite.

Seminar & workshop

Make your seminar or workshop a big hit in the well connected yet tranquil atmosphere of Casablanca. We provide well-equipped infrastructure and efficient logistics which leave no room for improvisation. Enjoy in-between break times with mocktails, snacks, etc. Our bespoke solutions are dedicated to making your event a successful one.


Photoshoot / Videoshoots

Get all your special days captured and video shooted, exploring the glamour of our beautifully architected resort. Get screaming of grandeur, elegance, and royalty. We are full of scenic views, lush greenery, a large expansive swimming pool, amazing customizable decor as well as a relaxing ambiance. With being close to nature, and the vast open space, create some of the best souvenirs which you will adore for a lifetime.

Open mic

Casablanca encourages the talent of all types to step-up to the mic including comics, musicians, bands, spoken words, rap, multimedia, and other creative forms of self-expression. The resort provides a supportive, fun atmosphere for solo performers or larger improv groups to throw caution to the wind and let all hang out. Our ridiculously opulent gazebo is all yours. You'll find mocktails and a convivial atmosphere.